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Generating business value is paramount for a successful data science project. For this purpose it is important that we get to know your organisation: from the technical possibilities, to the colleagues on your end with whom we'll work together intensively. This way we can develop data science products that have a lasting impact on your organisation.

Has your company taken its first steps in data science, but does your team lack the time to get to grips with its pipeline? We are happy to offer you the extra support you need to make your data science projects a success.

Proof of Concept

See opportunities for data science within your organization, but don’t know where to start? Together with you we'll start small and search for use cases: feasible data science projects that generate business value. We then develop the most promising use case into a Proof of Concept. We do this by means of an iterative process in which we work closely with the business owner and end user. This ensures that the final product will fit the business objectives and processes. A Proof of Concept allows us to assess whether the product can generate business value. Only when we're both convinced of its ability to generate business value, we take the next step: the further development of the Proof of Concept into a full-fledged product that can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

Life-long learning

We strongly believe in life-long learning. Especially in a dynamic area such as data science, data scientists must always be on top of their game. Vantage AI's data scientists work on your project four days a week. Every Friday, they convene at the Vantage AI office. This is the place where they share their knowledge and receive training from the data science experts of our sister company BigData Republic. Our get-together on Friday allows our data scientists to get to know different sectors, business processes, tools, and data science solutions. This intensive investment in our data scientists enables us to provide you with ever higher quality.

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