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Three-year development track

If we invest in our data scientists, we want do that properly. In our opinion, one year is too short to really make a difference. That is why the Vantage AI Program spans three years. During this time you will work at one of our inspiring partners for four days a week, while getting the support of true experts. Every Friday you get the change to deepen your knowledge during intensive training sessions at our office, together with other like-minded and enthusiastic data scientists.


The weekly training sessions are given by experts of our sister company BigData Republic (BDR). As a senior label, BigData Republic has years of experience in offering solutions in the field of data science, data engineering, data infrastructure, and data strategy. You will learn from their experience on projects for well known clients such as, Wehkamp,, Heineken, KPN,, and ING as well as innovative start-ups.

Diverse projects

You will be working for inspiring partner for four days a week. Not as a trainee, but as a full-fledged employee. We believe in your talent and quality and that is how we present you to our partners, nothing less. You will get to bring your knowledge and skills in practice, while learning more about different branches, business processes, and tools.

Personal development

The Vantage AI Program gives you the opportunity develop yourself and bring your digital and communicative skills to a higher level.

Over the years it will become clearer what you are good at and where your passion lies. In the third year you will focus on your speciality, in order to give your career a boost. We give you to tools, all you have to do is use them. If you have the drive, we will bring you to the finish line. After completing the Vantage AI Program, there are career options at BigData Republic.

Life-long learning

On Friday you and your teammembers of Vantage AI will share the knowledge that you have gained during the week. In that way you quickly get to know many different branches, business processes, tools, and data science solutions. During the training sessions you will learn more on topics like deep learning, natural language processing, and predictive maintenance. But also get to know diverse tools, such as Docker, Git, Hadoop, Spark, and Linux. You get to interesting events and challenging hackatons. We believe in life-long learning. As a data scientist you can always keep learning more, even when you seem to have reached the finish line.


We believe in you, but also in each other. We help each other when things get tough, but also with the day-to-day obstacles. We go through a three year intensive training program together, as a team. And also when the program ends, we will stay connected. That is why we are not only interested in you as an employee, but also as a person. Prepare yourself for some fierce foosball on the Friday afternoons, the occasional kart night, and of course plenty of ‘gezellige borrels’. Only when you can be yourself while being together, you can reach your full potential as a person and in your career as a data scientist.

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