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For online retailers in the exclusive clothing industry, offering your customers tailor-made solutions is of vital importance. The key is to show your customers those tailor-made items that match up well with their preferences. Vantage AI has developed and implemented a recommender system to provide shop visitors with personalized recommendations. Purchases and preferences from similar customers are used to recommend unique items of clothing to customers. With this solution, the online retailer bats two for two: improving customer experience, and achieving higher turnover.

Managing your personal finances without any administrative hassle: that's what it's all about at the digital personal finance platform we've been assisting. For users of this platform, it is vital that payments and receipts are automatically categorized correctly. We have optimized this process by developing a machine learning model that classifies transactions efficiently and accurately.

We have completed a predictive maintenance project for a key player in the Dutch rail infrastructure. By predicting when switches, rails, and overhead lines require maintenance, action can be taken in a timely matter, so unnecessary maintenance can be prevented. This enables not only more accurately targeted, and therefore cheaper and more sustainable maintenance, but also improves the reliability of the Dutch railway network.

More and more buyers and sellers of real estate enter the housing market without a real estate agent. They all face the same question: ‘how do I get to an accurate estimate of the value of a home in a market with continuously fluctuating prices?’ For a fast-growing platform that offers buyers and sellers a solution to this problem, a machine learning model was created that predicts real estate values. Based on historical prices of similar houses and trends in the market, an accurate estimate is shown to users of the platform.

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